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Just in case you don't recognise the name, you may know me instead as Henry, Fan, Poe, Poetry, Albert, Intrigued, Dawtrina, Chewy, Twin, English or Halberto. All these, and no doubt many others, are li'l ol' me. However even though I've lived in Arizona since 2004, I am not yet Hank Chuck Frank.

There's a lot of information available here at dawtrina.com so I created a site map to help you around. Otherwise just browse, explore and enjoy.

Note: one day I will update the photo galleries, but I have a lot of work to do before they'll be fully available. Please e-mail me if you find any other problems.

(Auto)Biography and Family History

I come from an interesting family. Honest. Here are some biographical pages to prove it.

One of the most interesting Astells was my paternal grandfather, who in 1944 ran a key mission behind enemy lines in Greece. Here's an article I wrote about him called Norman F Astell and the Raiding Support Regiment.

Work and Web Design

I'm an IT engineer based in Phoenix, AZ. I'm now working on a long term basis with Wells Fargo and so really should update my curriculum vitae (or resume). Downloadable versions in multiple formats are available there too.

Back in England I ran my own company called Dawtrina Technology Ltd from 1999 to 2004. This company doesn't exist any more but I like to keep the name alive when I design web sites for people. Here is my portfolio of sites created and hosted.


IT is what I do for a living but in what little spare time I have, I'm also a writer. Here's an index page to my writing. Here's my main writing project called The Million Word March. Here are my short stories and poems, some of which have been published and one of which has been put to music. Here's a travelogue of my first tour of North America, back in 1999. I ran my own blog for a short while but didn't update it often enough. I even started another blog but didn't update that often enough either. So it goes. There's also some guest poetry.


I'm delving more and more deeply into culture as the years go by, and also I'm getting more and more involved in the fight to preserve it. Here's an index page to Hal and Dee at the Movies, an index page to The Musical Box and an index page to The Last Page Bookshop. These are my film, music and literature sites respectively. Hal and Dee at the Movies is the most frequently updated of all the areas of my site as I update it on a daily basis.

Photo Galleries

I came late to photography but have quickly amassed a substantial quantity of pictures that help to make some sense of my life. I keep them here where I can find them. Here is my personal photo album. Here's another photo gallery of those near and dear to me, from family and friends to major influences on my life.

Information Sources

I believe in freedom of information and am accordingly making available online a number of information sources and other material for free perusal or download. Here's a collection of online books and articles about the Yorkshire village of Barkisland and my major article about the Raiding Support Regiment. Here are some e-books I created for free download. When news sites started deleting pages I started saving interesting news pages in PDF format.

Useful Pages

Here's are some useful pages that I maintain for my own reference, but that you may find useful too. Here are links to monthly downloadable television schedules for film channels I watch. Here's a list of software that I have found really useful over the years. Here's a page of solutions to odd little problems I've come across.

Dawtrina? Why Dawtrina?

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I don't like pictures of me either but you'll have to put up with this one. Sorry.

Here I am with my better half. No, I'm not that tall, she's just that short. Of course I'll soon be shorter too once she's read this.

Here's one of the few pictures of me that I like, probably because of the riotous colour. Dan took it at a Blackpool tattoo expo.