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Novel by Brian Lumley (England) 1990.

Fourth in a series, begun by Necroscope (1986).

After spearheading the triumphant battle against the wamphyri lords in The Source, Harry Keogh Jr., now a vampire himself, realises that his father (Harry Keogh, necroscope) is now his greatest potential enemy. He metaphorically ties his father's brain into a knot, locking away his uncanny ability to talk to the dead (the deadspeak of the title) and his ability to travel instantaneously anywhere, via the Mobius continuum. Meanwhile, Janos, bloodson of Faethor Ferenczy, father of vampires, is newly resurrected, and spreading the vampire disease throughout the world once again. Harry must regain his powers in order to have a chance against Janos. Only an expert could hope to untangle the mess, and can Harry really trust Faethor the great wamphyri liar enough to invite him into his own mind?

When most books, even most classics, start to spawn sequels, it is high time for the discerning reader to find his reading pleasure elsewhere. Sequels rarely justify their very existence, and it is exceptionally rare to find one with something to legitimately add to the original. Brian Lumley is an anomaly and so is his Necroscope quintet. The third volume was as much a classic as the first, and for a fourth volume to be this good is almost unheard of. Lumley injects new ideas, new characters and new horror into an already imaginative and groundbreaking work. There aren't that many books published whose content is so utterly fantastic, yet so real. The more a reader takes in Brian Lumley's concepts and his believable scenarios, the more realistic they become. All novels need to persuade the reader to believe in them in order to succeed, but this goes beyond that: surely if vampires are real, this is what they must be like.

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