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Eat Them Alive

Novel by Pierce Nace 1977.

Forget Guy Smith's The Sucking Pit. Forget Spawn and Slugs and Piranha and Slimer. And forget all the other tacky novels you can think of. Because none come close to this. Dyke Mellis is a young thug who cares little for much except crime, violence and torture. He and his four accomplices pay a visit to an eccentric millionaire's secluded ranch, where they cut, torture and kill the old man, before depriving him of around two million dollars in cash. But before they can split the money, Dyke takes it into his head to drive off with the lot. Unfortunately for him, the truck doesn't start and he is soon caught by his comrades who slice him up badly, finally castrating him and leaving him for dead. But Dyke survives, a half-mad eunuch, and eleven years later is fishing in his boat off the island of Malpelo off Colombia, where he now lives, when it suffers an earthquake, splitting it wide open. Out from the cracks in the ground stalk millions of six foot praying mantises. Dyke captures a huge specimen which he trains, before taking it with nine others on a killing spree to wreak revenge on his one-time comrades. Needless to say, as human flesh is the favourite food of Dyke's giant mantises, this revenge takes a particularly gory form.

Please note: this is far from being anything like a well-written novel - the characters are two-dimensional stereotypes who speak unbelievable dialogue; the plot is more outrageous than you could imagine; and the ideas lie further into the realms of fantasy than The Lord of the Rings! But Eat Them Alive works because it's the bloodiest, nastiest, most sadistic, go-for-broke gore novel in existence. "A new peak in horror" it proclaims on the tacky NEL cover and it isn't kidding! And it's no wonder there's no second 'Pierce Nace' novel about - how could Scott Gr�nmark (the man hiding behind the pseudonym and also known as 'Nick Sharman') possibly top this? Those who despise Hutson and Smith and the rest of the gratuitous gore merchants will lose their lunch to this, but the gorehounds will lap it up and it will end up one of the most reread books in their library.

Note: While I was informed that Pierce Nace was really Scott Grønmark by a credible source, Gr�nmark himself has denied the claim in his response to an article in Jim McLennan's Trash City.

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