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The Horror Reviews

I grew up on horror novels. I remember picking up James Herberts and Guy N Smiths when I was less than ten years old, and I've been an avid reader and collector ever since. At some point, when still a kid, I started an encyclopaedia of the modern horror novel, which would contain reviews and bibliographic information on all the horror novels I could find. It was never going to be finished, I knew that, but it was something I felt I needed to do. Looking at it in 2005, after about ten years of inactivity, I still see over 100,000 words and realise that, as bad as much of it is, it must have had a great effect on my future writing. It could even be called the real beginning to The Million Word March.

Here's what there is so far, in review format, as it does contain information that I haven't seen elsewhere on the net. Bear in mind, though, that I was very young when I wrote a good portion of it. I have a much more critical eye today, as well as a lot more experience with both good and bad literature, and it would be written very differently if I were to start now. Maybe one day I'll take up this project again and make it a little more consistent.

The Reviews

Note: there are two versions of this page: listed by title (this one) and listed by author.

Abomination - Guy N Smith
The Abomination - Omen V - Gordon McGill
The Abyss - Jere Cunningham
The Abyss - Steve Vance
Accursed - Guy N Smith
Adam - Mike Baker
Alarums - Richard Laymon
Alien - Alan Dean Foster
Allhallow's Eve - Richard Laymon
Alligator - Shelley & Paul N Katz
Alligators - Guy N Smith
Altered States - Paddy Chayefsky
Amen - John Hyde
American Gothic - Robert Bloch
And Now the Screaming Starts... - David Case
The Apocalypse - Jeffrey Konvitz
Armageddon 2000 - Omen IV - Gordon McGill
Baal - Robert R McCammon
The Bargain - Jon Ruddy
Bats Out of Hell - Guy N Smith
The Beast House - Richard Laymon
A Beastly Business - John Blackburn
Beware! - Richard Laymon
Big Deep - Frank S Pepper
Birds of a Bloodied Feather - Richard Tate
Black Angel - Graham Masterton
The Black Fedora - Guy N Smith
Black Honey - Peter Saxon
Black Prism - David Lippincott
Black Trinity - Michael Falconer Anderson
The Blood Bond - Emma Cave
Blood Brothers - Brian Lumley
Blood Circuit - Guy N Smith
Blood Dynasty - G C Clewett
Blood Games - Richard Laymon
Blood Island - James Farber
The Blood Merchants - Guy N Smith
The Blood of Dracula - Jack Hamilton Teed
Bloodstalk - Ron Goulart
Bloodwars - Brian Lumley
A Book of the Dead - John Blackburn
Born Burning - Thomas Sullivan
Brainchild - Andrew Neiderman
The Brain Eaters - Gary Brandner
Breeding Ground - Shaun Hutson
Burial - Graham Masterton
The Burning - Robert Charles
The Burrowers Beneath - Brian Lumley
Cannibal Cult - Guy N Smith
Caracal - Guy N Smith
Carnosaur - Harry Adam Knight
Carrion - Gary Brandner
The Cats - Nick Sharman
The Cellar - Richard Laymon
Chainsaw Terror - Nick Blake
Charnel House - Graham Masterton
Childmare - Nick Sharman
Children of the Night - John Blackburn
Circus of Horrors - Tom Owen
The Clan of Golgotha Scalp - Michael Falconer Anderson
Corruption - Peter Saxon
Crabs on the Rampage - Guy N Smith
Croc - David James
The Crone - Bill Garnett
Crown of Horn - Louise Cooper
The Curse of Rathlaw - Peter Saxon
The Curse of the Fleers - Basil Copper
Damien - Omen II - Joseph Howard
The Dark - James Herbert
Dark Ashram - Leo Giroux, Jr
The Darkest Night - Peter Saxon
Darkness, Tell Us - Richard Laymon
The Dark One - Guy N Smith
Dark Ways to Death - Peter Saxon
Dead End - Guy N Smith
Deadspawn - Brian Lumley
Deadspeak - Brian Lumley
Deadwalk - Ron Goulart
Deathbell - Guy N Smith
Death Cloud - Michael Mannion
Death Dream - Graham Masterton
Death Tour - David J Michael
Death Trance - Graham Masterton
Demogorgon - Brian Lumley
The Demon Samurai - Clay Grant
Demonstrand - Robert Alexander
The Devils of D-Day - Graham Masterton
Devour - Paul Adams
The Disorientated Man - Peter Saxon
The Djinn - Graham Masterton
Domain - James Herbert
Doomflight - Guy N Smith
Down-Bound Train - Bill Garnett
Dracula and the Virgins of the Undead - Etienne Aubin
Dracula Returns - Robert Lory
Dracula's Brothers - Robert Lory
Dracula's Gold - Robert Lory
The Druid Connection - Guy N Smith
The Drums of Dracula - Robert Lory
Duel for a Dark Angel - Marc Marais
Dying Light - Evan Chandler
Eat Them Alive - Pierce Nace
Echoes - Gary Brandner
The Echo on the Stairs - Martin Jenson
Entombed - Guy N Smith
The Escape - James Darke
Family Portrait - Graham Masterton
The Feud - James Darke
Fevre Dream - George R R Martin
The Final Conflict - Omen III - Gordon McGill
Fireflash 5 - Graham Masterton
Flesh - Richard Laymon
Flesh and Blood - Graham Masterton
Flowers of Evil - Robert Charles
Fluke - James Herbert
The Fog - James Herbert
The Fungus - Harry Adam Knight
Funland - Richard Laymon
The Ghoul - Guy N Smith
God of a Thousand Faces - Michael Falconer Anderson
The Graveyard Vultures - Guy N Smith
The Great White Space - Basil Copper
Guilty Pleasures - Laurell K Hamilton
The Hand of Dracula - Robert Lory
The Hangman - Gavin Newman
The Haunting of Alan Mais - Peter Saxon
Hellborn - Gary Brandner
The Hell Candidate - Thomas Luke
Hellfire Today - Richard Harrington
The Hoodoo Man - Steve Harris
The House of Doors - Brian Lumley
The House That Jack Built - Graham Masterton
The Howling - Gary Brandner
The Hymn - Graham Masterton
I am Legend - Richard Matheson
Immortal Blood - Barbara Hambly
Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice
In the Blood - Nancy A Collins
The Island - Guy N Smith
It - Stephen King
The Jonah - James Herbert
Judgement Day - Nick Sharman
The Keep - F Paul Wilson
Killer Crabs - Guy N Smith
Killer Croc! - Grahame Webb

The Killing - James Darke
The Killing Bone - Peter Saxon
The Knighton Vampires - Guy N Smith
Lair - James Herbert
The Last Aerie - Brian Lumley
The Laughing Corpse - Laurell K Hamilton
Let's Go Play at the Adams' - Mendal W Johnson
Liquid Diet - William Tedford
Live Girls - Ray Garton
Locusts - Guy N Smith
Lovecraft's Book - Richard Lupoff
The Lurkers - Guy N Smith
Maggots - Edward Jarvis
The Magic Cottage - James Herbert
The Manitou - Graham Masterton
Manitou Doll - Guy N Smith
Mantis - K W Jeter
The Master - Guy N Smith
The Meeting - James Darke
Midnight's Lair - Richard Kelly
Mirror - Graham Masterton
Monster - Guy Fraser
Moon - James Herbert
The Naked Light - James Moffatt
The Necklace of Skulls - Ivor Drummond
Necropolis - Basil Copper
Necroscope - Brian Lumley
Next, After Lucifer - Daniel Rhodes
Nicor! - Peter Tremayne
Nightmare's Child - James Farber
Night of the Crabs - Guy N Smith
Night of the Devil - Ann Curd
Night Plague - Graham Masterton
Night Show - Richard Laymon
Night Warriors - Graham Masterton
Nightwing - Martin Cruz Smith
An Odour of Decay - Martin Jenson
The Omen - David Seltzer
On Alien Wings - Ron Goulart
One Rainy Night - Richard Laymon
The Origin of the Crabs - Guy N Smith
Out are the Lights - Richard Laymon
Paradise Lost - Laurence James
The Pariah - Graham Masterton
Pestilence - Edward Jarvis
Phobia - Thomas Luke
Plague - Graham Masterton
The Plague - James Darke
Plasmid - Robert Knight
The Pluto Pact - Guy N Smith
Prey - Graham Masterton
The Prisoner - James Darke
Psychamok - Brian Lumley
Psychomech - Brian Lumley
Psychosphere - Brian Lumley
Quintana Roo - Gary Brandner
The Rats - James Herbert
The Resurrected - Guy N Smith
Resurrection Dreams - Richard Laymon
Return of the Howling - Gary Brandner
Return of the Werewolf - Guy N Smith
Revenge of the Manitou - Graham Masterton
A Ring of Roses - John Blackburn
Ritual - Graham Masterton
The Road - Laurence James
The Sanctuary - Glenn Chandler
Sasquatch - M E Knerr
Satan's Child - Peter Saxon
Satan's Snowdrop - Guy N Smith
Savage - Richard Laymon
A Scent of New-Mown Hay - John Blackburn
Scorpion - Michael R Linaker
Scorpion: Second Generation - Michael R Linaker
The Scourge - Nick Sharman
The Sentinel - Jeffrey Konvitz
The Shadow - Bill Garnett
The Skull - Shaun Hutson
The Sleepless - Graham Masterton
The Slime Beast - Guy N Smith
Slimer - Harry Adam Knight
Slugs - Shaun Hutson
Snowman - Norman Bogner
The Son of the Werewolf - Guy N Smith
The Sorcerer - Eric Ericson
The Soul Eater - Robert Alexander
The Source - Brian Lumley
Spawn - Shaun Hutson
The Spear - James Herbert
The Sphinx - Graham Masterton
Spirit - Graham Masterton
The Stake - Richard Laymon
Stones of Evil - Brian Cooper
The Sucking Pit - Guy N Smith
Sunglasses After Dark - Nancy A Collins
The Surrogate - Nick Sharman
The Survivor - James Herbert
Tempter - Nancy A Collins
Tendrils - Simon Ian Childer
Tengu - Graham Masterton
The Terminator - Shaun Hutson
The Terror of the Seven Crypts - Etienne Aubin
Thirst - Guy N Smith
Through the Dark Curtain - Peter Saxon
Throwback - Guy N Smith
The Tomb - F Paul Wilson
To Play the Devil - Angus Hall
Torched! - James Blackstone
The Torture - James Darke
Torture Chamber - Ruth Hurst Vose
The Torturer - Peter Saxon
The Touch - F Paul Wilson
The Touch of Hell - Michael R Linaker
Transplant - Daniel Farson
Tread Softly - Richard Kelly
The Trial - James Darke
The Tribe - Glenn Chandler
The Unbegotten - Bill Garnett
The Undead - Guy N Smith
The Unholy - John Halkin
The Unholy - Michael Falconer Anderson
The Unseen - Guy N Smith
Vampire Junction - S P Somtow
The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice
The Vampires of Finistere - Peter Saxon
The Vampire Tapestry - Suzy McKee Charnas
Village of Blood - Ian Dear
The Village of Fear - Martin Jenson
Walkers - Gary Brandner
The Walkers - Graham Masterton
Wamphyri! - Brian Lumley
Warhead - Guy N Smith
The Wells of Hell - Graham Masterton
Werewolf By Moonlight - Guy N Smith
Wild Blood - Nancy A Collins
The Wild White Witch - Peter Stafford
The Witchfinders - Ralph Comer
The Witching of Dracula - Robert Lory
The Witch of Wykham - Margaret Carr
Witch Spell - Guy N Smith
Wolfcurse - Guy N Smith
The Woods are Dark - Richard Laymon
The Woodsmen - Michael Falconer Anderson
Worm - Simon Ian Childer
Wulf - Steve Harris

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