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Novel by Brian Lumley (England) 1985.

Last in a trilogy begun by Psychomech (1984).

Richard Garrison, now a superman, has changed certain events in history to make the world a happy place. The problem is that the balance of nature has been disrupted: there's too much good. This is rectified by Charon Gubwa, who before being killed by Garrison in Psychosphere, sent mental messages to computer engineer J C Craig to implement his plans to destroy the world. Craig believes that Gubwa is God and builds a new Psychomech to find him. As it searches, the world is overtaken by the Gibbering, a new and fatal form of madness which affects absolutely everybody, and civilisation descends into utter chaos.

Both Lumley's Necroscope/Vampire World saga and his Titus Crow series begun by The Burrowers Beneath are far better than the Psychomech trilogy as complete works, but this novel could well be better than any individual novel contained in either of those series. He makes up for the disappointing Psychosphere - possibly his worst book - with an utter classic. Psychomech the machine never seemed particularly horrific in the first two books, but here its awesome powers send the entire world mad, and horror is really taken to new levels. The book is an incredible concept and Lumley pulls it off with honours. The ending has to be one of the most outstanding in modern literature; and the scene where Psychomech tells Craig that, far from being the oracle of God, he is actually the Antichrist, is a masterpiece. This would all make one spectacular film. Struggle through the first two even if you start to falter, because you really must read this. Awesome, breathtaking and absolutely unmissable.

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