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Novel by Brian Lumley (England) 1984.

First of a trilogy, to be followed by Pychosphere (1984) and Psychamok (1985).

Thomas Schroeder is an extremely rich German industrialist who has everything he could ever want. All except immortality that is: and he intends to solve that by being reincarnated inside the body of his son. Richard Garrison is a young military policeman in Northern Ireland who saves Schroeder from an IRA bomb attack. Whilst the bomb does not kill Schroeder, the damage it causes strips years off his life, and the plan must change. Psychomech itself was a Nazi experiment to strip all fear from the mind and effectively create the superman. The men and the machine all join to make an explosive combination.

Ever awkward to tie down, Brian Lumley here once again creates a difficult novel to describe and categorise. I'm not going to attempt to categorise it, but I'll try a description. Like many of his books that aren't, it's packaged as out and out horror - in reality this is more of a horrific science fiction work. What makes this particularly difficult is that he gives away the entire plot early on in the book. Guy Smith did the same thing in The Master and it didn't work, but here Lumley does it in such a way as to increase the fascination of the reader rather than to decrease it. It's like a jigsaw. The finished picture isn't what matters because you can see that on the cover of the box, it's more the way the pieces fit together. And they are fitted together so fiendishly that though the reader knows what is finally going to happen, he is still guessing how it is going to happen all the way to the last page. Unusual and inventive.

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