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The Resurrected

Novel by Guy N Smith (England) 1991.

Merryn Bartram is dying of a brain tumour, and not wanting to die single, she marries her lover Bernie Oldroyd. Very much in love, he tries almost everything possible to keep her alive, finally including talking to Richie Howe, a colleague of a witch he has met. Howe waits for Merryn to die and then resurrects her as one of the living dead. But Bernie finds to his horror that she has become both a nymphomaniac and an unwilling slave to Richie Howe's satanic rites.

Guy Smith continues the theme of resurrection causing a twist of personality which he previously explored in various late '80s novels such as Fiend and The Unseen. Most of this one seems to be gratuitous sex (which is a bit dodgy with Merryn dead, even though she's still walking about), but luckily the gratuitous gore is not lessened too much; with a live skinning and a neat circumcision amongst other delights. Great schlock horror; not his best, but far from his worst.

Surprisingly this passed without much controversy at all, but I can't think of too many scenes more controversial than one here where a coven of black witches watch Merryn's resurrected corpse being raped by a particularly nasty demon. OK, there's Shaun Hutson's blood-sucking resurrected psychic aborted foetuses in Spawn and Graham Masterton's 'hero' eating a live calf that he's raping at the same time in his short story Eric the Pie, even Smith's own Cannibal Cult where he has a group of cannibals cooking their leader alive while they have an orgy in front of the cooker; but they're few and far between. How are you going to top this, Guy?

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