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Novel by Harry Adam Knight (Australia, England) 1983.

Three young couples carrying £200,000 of drugs to Morocco are marooned on the North Sea when their boat explodes. They end up on a Brinkstone oil rig, but there is no drilling equipment and no crew. They soon discover the place is a secret genetic laboratory set up because Lloyd J Brinkstone, the billionaire owner of the oil rig, wanted to give something back to the world. He firmly believes that the world will end in nuclear fire, and thus hired a team of microbiologists to develop a gene that would enable man to adapt instantly to his new environment. Needless to say, it all doesn't work as expected and it all ends up with a genetically altered shark who wanders about eating people, absorbing their personalities and imitating their physical appearances. Gradually the six get whittled down and the beast designed to be invulnerable seems to be just that.

The debut novel from 'Harry Adam Knight' (a pseudonym used by Australian John Brosnan in collaboration with, most of the time, Englishman LeRoy Kettle), ranks among Shaun Hutson's Spawn, Guy Smith's The Sucking Pit and The Slime Beast and Pierce Nace's Eat Them Alive as one of the tackiest horror novels in existence. The characterisation is pretty poor, though the style's not quite that bad, but the science is terrible. None of those critics who frequently complain about the inaccuracy of the science in many science-based novels would be satisfied with the science in Slimer - it might be more substantial than that in Frank Pepper's unreedemable turkey Big Deep, but not by much. Don't take it seriously, and it's a great read. Surely the main priority for a fiction writer is to entertain, and this 'HAK' author delivers the goods.

Though known primarily for his criticism in magazines like Starburst, Brosnan, under his real name, also wrote Skyship, a thriller about a nuclear powered zeppelin, and The Sky Lords, a science fiction epic; as well as various non-fiction works on SF films - Future Tense, Movie Magic and the much respected The Primal Screen.

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