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Novel by Shaun Hutson (England) 1982.

The carnivorous hybrid slugs breeding in Ron Bell's cellar leave their home and, after eating their former host, discover a liking for human flesh and blood. They embark upon a rampage for human food, leaving only mutilated bodies and slime trails behind them. Not only are the slugs man-eaters, but the mucus trails and the million and a half eggs laid per slug per year are highly poisonous to humans. Council Health Inspector Mike Brady becomes graphically aware of the problem and teams up with a young museum curator to try and solve it.

Here's a controversial statement: Shaun Hutson can write. Granted, he doesn't seem to want to half the time but when he does want, he can produce a classic. If you like your horror to be pretty much as sick as it can be, and if you are willing to overlook the fact that Slugs is yet another blatant rip-off of The Rats; then you can settle down and enjoy an essential revenge-of-nature novel. Plenty of very sick gore and Iron Maiden references (22, Acacia Avenue, come on!) and who can resist an author who can coin a phrase like 'mucoid slime' anyway?

Only one sequel: Breeding Ground (1985) - Hutson vigorously refuses to be tempted back to the series for a third episode, and has moved away from this style of novel. Later filmed by J P Simon as Slugs: The Movie, a film with which the author has often assured people that he had no input.

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