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Werewolf By Moonlight

Novel by Guy N Smith (England) 1974.

A Welsh hill farmer imports an expensive dog from the Black Forest of Germany. When this bites his son he promptly becomes a werewolf whenever there is a full moon. Sheep start getting mauled and part-eaten, then people, and no prizes for guessing the rest of the plot.

Guy Smith's rare, valuable and very short first foray into the world of horror fiction, to be followed by over sixty other genre novels, some very good, some very bad, often very tacky. Surprisingly well written (in nine days) if you take into account Guy's next couple of books, the very tacky The Sucking Pit and The Slime Beast, this is the traditional werewolf tale transplanted onto Guy's home area of the Black Hill on the Welsh border of Shropshire. There's the usual extra-marital affair, some typically disbelieving police and a couple of savage deaths, but they are all described in a tame manner when compared to his later work. At least there's an alternative to the usual silver bullet ending, and it was pleasant to see a werewolf novel set in this country. Worth the money for Smith completists only, but otherwise thoroughly average.

Smith returned to the werewolf subgenre in other books: Der Ruf des Werewolfs (Night of the Werewolves, and published only in German until a serialisation in his fan club magazine, Graveyard Rendezvous), Return of the Werewolf, The Son of the Werewolf and Wolfcurse. Werewolf By Moonlight, Return of the Werewolf and The Son of the Werewolf are a trilogy, the other two are unconnected.

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