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Way back in the last century, I somehow found my way to an online trivia game called Cosmo's Conundrum, hosted at Uproar. It is not hyperbole to suggest that it changed my life. Even today, writing in 2015, over a decade after this game vanished forever, it's still a huge part of my life. I met my wife through it. I made many lifelong friends there. I've been to Cosmonaut weddings and visited Cosmonaut graves. I've met a couple of hundred players in person. It still resonates as a community today.

Perhaps what made it so special is that everyone found it because they'd searched for a trivia game, only discovering later that it was also a chatroom. None of the things you might expect from a chatroom were there except, well, the chat. There was no spam, no moderators and precious few trolls. A community was already thriving when I joined it.

Soon after I started playing, in late 1998, I set up an online photo gallery that I called Challengers to the Chimp. Players sent me photos of themselves, often by snail mail, and I threw some HTML pages together. I've revamped this into something a little more viable for 2015, but kept the old site visible too for the sake of nostalgia.

I spent three months during the summer of 1999 travelling round North America, meeting Cosmonauts everywhere, including my girlfriend. I wrote up about half the tour before reality got in the way of my notes. I returned in 2000 for more of the same, though I had to cut the trip short when my dad got ill.

Challengers to the Chimp

The New Site
The Original Site

Tours and Meetups

Poe's North American Tour 1999
The Nub-o-Rama SloFest
Meetups 2000

Odds and Ends

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My First Meeting with the Chimp
Monkey Torture: the chimp in dire straits
My Biggest Win Ever! Proof that not only Sir Knight can win by this much.
Proof That Wagging Works, because I still don't sprechen zie Deutsche

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