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Challengers to the Chimp

Welcome to the new revamped version of Challengers to the Chimp!

I hadn't updated this gallery in almost four years when I wrote this (and I think I wrote this in 2006), but now seems like a good time to revamp it. That's mostly because the old gallery was (shock horror) set up before Google and it doesn't index well, meaning that anyone searching for anything to do with Cosmo's Conundrum won't find it, but also because I wanted to spin some bits out and add a 'where are they now' section so that people can rekindle friendships and keep in touch better.

All the important content of the old site is here, but if you want the frameset and the IFRAMEs and the JavaScript and the pretty graphics, here's the old site, complete with obligatory picture on the main page of me with Bob Marley. Don't forget: always wag B on Marley.

Here's what you can find at Challengers to the Chimp:

Why You're Here

Cosmonaut Gallery (indexed by handle)
Cosmonaut Gallery (indexed by time)
Cosmonaut Gallery (everyone at once!) (10 MB)

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