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Wag well, soar high and
may God hide the sprots.

Cosmo's Conundrum
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About Time, Huh?

OK, I haven't updated this in a while, but people are still sending pics. It's 16 Apr 2002 and I'm finally starting to catch up. I hope... apologies in advance for failing dismally at this.

Meetups a Go Go

Fresh from the success of the Bayou Blast in New Orleans, more Cosmo meetups are in the pipeline.

Sophie's next UK meetup (Gathering VI) is scheduled for June in Warwick. Mail Sophie for more details.

The Isis Bar in Zante, run by our very own Andee1 is open for business and will be hosting a meetup in the first weekend in September.

Also, rumours are coming in of a Canadian meetup sometime this summer, hosted by Avalon in Toronto. Watch this space for further news.

The Drive for Five

Challengers to the Chimp is now past the Drive for Five (and actually has been for a while). I'm still happily surprised that the gallery reached fifty pics, but now we're past five hundred!

Thank you all for being a part of this project and congratulations to WatersFan for being our five hundredth challenger.

100: -=Nitro7=-
200: Jeener
300: Harieyquin
400: AAMikel
500: WatersFan

IE and the IFRAME

The gallery has been remanaged using an IE concept called IFRAME. It may not look different at first glance, but you'll find that it should work quicker and with more grace. Click on any letter to the left to see the difference.

If a cute little frame doesn't open with the appropriate handles in it, then you're using an older browser that can't cope with floating frames. Please click here to visit the old site, which will not be updated.

I try to be backwardly compatible as far as possible, but this IFRAME concept has proved so useful that I couldn't resist. It works in Netscape 6, Internet Explorer 5 and AOL 5, maybe earlier in each case.

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