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Poe's North American Tour '99

Episode 5: Inna Gadda da Vida

By the time we'd finished dropping our jaws at the scenery of the Blue Ridge Parkway, we were quite a few hours late getting into Asheville. Zibbles couldn't make lunch anyway due to a sick child, so we circled round Asheville and joined the I23 to Charleston, SC.

On the way we started a new pattern which we somehow followed for the next few weeks. Here's how it works:

  1. I got directions, in this case to Eden's house, just inside NC.
  2. I navigated, Tracy drove.
  3. I got us lost.
  4. I realised we'd got lost so rang back to get new directions.
  5. I got it right second time.
  6. Tracy didn't believe me so turned round and headed back.
  7. Tracy rang back again to find out I was right second time round.
  8. At last we make it, third time lucky.

I know sitting on the fence is a bad idea (you usually end up with splinters up your backside) but I'm not going to work out which was my favourite part of the tour, the most beautiful or the most enjoyable. I enjoyed all of it, without exception. But Eden's home has to be way way up there somewhere. I understand fully now where Eden got her name: she lives there.

3,200 feet up in the mountains overlooking Columbus, NC, with deer-infested forest as a backdrop to her log cabin which is fronted by three lakes with ducks and fish. This is as near to heaven as anyone is likely to live. And just up the hill are views like this.

The fact that Eden's whole family (we met Eden and her husband, daughter Twinz and husband and the twinz themselves, plus Eden's other two sons and a daughter, and their respective spouses) are wonderful people just goes to show how much they deserve what they have. And we loved Shyloh too, a beautiful German Shepherd who would run happily and capably alongside the vehicles.

I have to apologise now to Eden for my attempts to join in the musical fun - her whole family is musical, yet to everyone's pain I joined in singing Janis Joplin's Mercedez Benz, a feat unequalled in massacred music until I sang American Pie in an Alabama accent in Tacoma, WA. Bai bai Miss Merkan Pai...

We loved our short time there so much that we came back, on the way back north from Charleston and Savannah, and enjoyed it even more. We ate, we talked, we sang. Tracy and I headed out onto one of the lakes in a small paddleboat to dodge around the island and surprise the twins in the other boat. Truly magic, Eden, thank you.

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