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Greek Adventure: Six Months in the Life of a South African Officer in Occupied Greece

Greek Adventure is a non-fiction work by Jack Gage, written in 1945 and published in 1950 by Unie-Volkspers Beperk in Cape Town, South Africa. It reached a second impression in the same year, but as far as I am aware it has neither been republished since nor found publication in any other country.

It recounts Gage's part of a mission by the Raiding Support Regiment into occupied territory in Greece during the Second World War. For the mission, the Allies split Greece into three thirds and sent an officer and an NCO into each, to prepare for the arrival of further troops and to command them once there. Major Gage was the officer in command of the southern third of Greece. My interest in the book lies in the fact that my grandfather, Major Norman F. Astell, commanded the northern third.

Greek Adventure is an invaluable source book for anyone interested in the actions of the Raiding Support Regiment, a short lived but important regiment, and it is very hard to find (and/or very expensive), even in these days of useful internet booksearches like Advanced Book Exchange. My own copy was located by a friend in South Africa and bought from the late Michael Prior at Collectable Books in Johannesburg.

To make the text available to those searching for it, I scanned the book and posted it here in HTML as well as various downloadable formats. Beyond correcting OCR errors, I haven't proofed the book so Gage's somewhat inconsistent spelling is intact.

I have no clue what state the copyright is on this material but I feel sure that Jack Gage himself would be happy for it to be available to read once more, so I place it here in clear conscience. Certainly multiple members of his family have found this and given it their blessing (in fact, they're happy to be able to read it once more, having lost copies given to them by Jack himself).

If you are the copyright holder or have information on the state of copyright, please contact me by e-mail.

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Foreword by R. B. Rosetti (Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary for Greece in the Union of South Africa)

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Chapter 10
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