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I've been a film fan for years, mostly exploring the wonderful worlds of genre cinema but, since moving to the States, I've been exploring much further.


After realising that I'd only seen two out of every five films on the IMDb Top 250 list, I started schooling myself in the history of motion pictures, using that list as a key focus. Later I started working from other Top 100 lists too, each giving me a grounding in a particular era or genre. Of course, the internet being what it is, most of those lists aren't online any more, so I've posted them here, with various details including IMDb links.

You'll also find other material here, such as my early blogs on film and links to where I post reviews today, reference pages about award winners in the US and Hong Kong, some movie quotes quizzes I put together and also indexes for DVD box sets with IMDb links.

Reviews by Hal

Apocalypse Later Film Reviews, founded in 2007.
Apocalypse Later Empire, the main portal to my various film related work.

Reviews for the Nameless Zine
Capsule Reviews (old reviews from 2006): Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Swing Your Lady (1938)

Reference Pages

Setting Up a Watched Film List in MS Excel

Academy Award Winners in Major Categories
Hong Kong Film Award Winners
Award Roundup: Best Pictures
Award Roundup: Best Actors
Award Roundup: Best Actresses

VHS Cover Scans

Index page for VHS Cover Scans

Let's Get Quizzical

Movie Quotes
Movie Quotes: Part Deux
Movie Quotes III: The Final Conflict
Movie Quotes Episode IV: A New Hope
Movie Quotes V: The Final Frontier

Official Film Lists

Change in the IMDb Top 250, archived copies every 1st January with data comparison to previous years

Index page for Top 100 Films Lists

DVD Box Sets

Index page for DVD Box Sets

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