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My tastes in music are rather wide ranging and I highly enjoy discovering new forms of music as the medium evolves and my knowledge increases.

My earliest memories of music are of listening to my parents' cassettes on car journeys. My dad enjoyed classical music and a highly select selection of pop artists, such as Boney M, Abba and the Spinners. As a family we saw the Spinners live in Huddersfield, probably my first gig.

In 1984 I discovered rock music by accidentally tuning in to Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1. I was instantly hooked and delved into heavy metal to a massive degree, from classic hard rock to new genres like thrash, death and black metal. I saw many of the thrash greats live in Bradford in the late eighties and early nineties and got into the demo scene too.

Even while immersing myself into the extreme music of the time, I dabbled in other genres and these have only diversified over time. I listen to classical music, country and western (and I can now tell the difference between the two), blues (especially by blind guitar pickers), folk, electronica and especially many forms of world music. The band I've seen live more often than anyone else is the British taiko drum group known as Mugenkyo.

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