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The Saturday Rock Show


The Saturday Rock Show was a radio show on BBC Radio One, starting in 1989 as a successor to Tommy Vance's 14-week Night Rocking. It marked the return to Radio 1 of Alan 'Fluff' Freeman. He continued the classic rock focus of Night Rocking and continued the inclusion of an archive session or concert each week. However he played a few more contemporary tracks too.

Show Listings

I'm detailing here the track listings of shows that I've confirmed aired on particular dates. Where gaps exist, because I only had a 90 minute tape that night, they're highlighted.

I've split them up into years and listed them chronologically:

Listen to These Shows

While the Saturday Rock Show has been off the air for decades, a number of dedicated fans have made shows available for us to listen to today.

Googling around will find a few, but the best place to start is the Friday Rock Show Wiki which aims to collate show listings and recordings in a single location. It's highly recommended! I'm sending my recordings over to them.

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Last update: 22nd December, 2017