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Web Design Portfolio

None of the Commercial Sites remain live. Flanders Glass has closed for business and the Cat'n on the Fox site was a temporary site for a cat show. I designed the other seven of these when I worked for Telco Web Ltd. I left that company because they never paid me and they redesigned the sites after I left. These are my original designs, preserved for my portfolio.

The Sales Pitch site was a design I made to pitch to the manager of The Piece Hall in Halifax. I sold him on the need for one but then he designed one himself! A businessman I'm not.

I'm keeping Scarlett's site online permanently In Memory of her. She was a wonderful lady and a wonderful singer from Texas who I was privileged to know briefly. Rest in peace, Becky.

Note: these were literally designed in the last millennium, when technology was insanely different to what we're used to today. 640x480 was a standard screen size (which is why some of these sites look tiny today) and people connected using dial-up modems (which is why all files, including images, had to be as small as possible). As bizarre as it sounds to today's ears, many companies did not have websites and, on occasion, had to be talked into how useful they would be. I'm happy to say that all are still functional today, over a decade and a half later.

Commercial Sites

Flanders Glass: the oldest auto glass shop in Arizona
Rhodri Davies: Harpist: Charlotte Church's harpist
Owl Zim International: uniformed security specialists
Owls Hall Farm: environmental sewage and drainage specialists
MillRace IT Ltd: recyclers of redundant PCs
Harlow International Hostel: thirty minutes from London
Byers Marketing: wholesale drinks distribution
Telco Web Ltd: versatile web company
Cat'n on the Fox Cat Club: 8th Annual CFA Allbreed Cat Show in Chicago

Sales Pitch

The Halifax Piece Hall: the jewel in Halifax's crown

In Memory

Scarlett: seductive singer supreme from Texas

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