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First Impressions

Saturday, 8th February, 2003

Well hey, y'all. Success at last. My blog is here. Everybody say yay.

I'm going to ramble on a little to fill up some space, purely in order to see if it all looks even remotely reasonable. If you're after a thrilling read, the butler did it so you can safely ignore everything that follows. If not, you were warned.

This is not a public site, like The Open Diary, where The Wicked Witch can and will change the rules as if at random, and delete diaries with her magic wand at will. There are also no banner ads, no popup ads, no popunder ads, in fact no ads whatsoever. Thank goodness.

This is entirely a personal site, running under Movable Type 2.51, a free blogging system that you can download yourself at http://www.movabletype.org. It is running on my own webspace and managed entirely by me. I'm the boss. Get used to it.

It hasn't been the simplest thing in the world to install, though to be fair most of the problems did turn out to be simple with the benefit of hindsight. Then again, as an IT support professional I'm well aware that EVERYTHING is simple with the benefit of hindsight. As I explain to redfaced end users who suddenly believe that their problem was so simple that even they could have solved it without my help, there are about eight billion different simple solutions. I'm trained to know which one affects YOU. You're not.

Anyway, I was the end user for a while today while I tried to figure this thing out. I followed the installation instructions without much trouble, once I'd read them about six times, but there's this whole section that points out that the Movable Type system has to point to a database, which it can't create itself. I knew I had MySQL access but I haven't ever used the beast. So I had to download phpMyAdmin to create a database, and the phpMyAdmin installation instructions looked to be in Greek.

In the end, the penny dropped and everything suddenly works. This should appear as a nice neat first entry, which I can then tweak at leisure to look right.

Let's see where we can go from here...

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