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Second Impressions

Sunday, 9th February, 2003

And this all looks smooth as anything... unfortunately that wasn't the case. Initial teething trouble, I'm afraid, hopefully now all fixed.

Being a fiddler, naturally I fiddled. And I screwed everything up. I decided to customise the templates that determine font and colour etc. When I turned the clean default page into an unreadable mess, I decided to delete and recreate. However once I'd deleted, recreation was not an option. Eek.

So I worked out that one by deleting the whole blog and starting again. Then I had a thought about the default login. Everyone who sets up a Movable Type site uses the same login. Naturally that's a major security risk, so I created a new account for myself and then deleted the default. Makes sense, huh? However, I'd neglected to actually give myself any powers whatsoever so while I was now entirely secure, I also couldn't do anything.

That one took a bit more fiddling to get back to rights. I had to restore the mt-load file that I deleted after the installation files told me to and then rerun it. It took me a while to work out the errors and restore all the relevant file permissions. Then I had to go fiddle with pHpMyAdmin again to delete all the tables that Movable Type had created. It took a while to release that there isn't a 'delete' in MySQL, there's a 'drop' instead. Highly intuitive, I'm sure.

But in the end... *drum roll please*... I think it's working.

Maybe I'll even write a real entry soon...

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