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Gotta Wear Shades

Sunday, 9th February, 2003

A day later and I'm still happy with this Movable Type thingamajig. There's plenty of customisation to do, naturally, but it's there, it works and it looks at least reasonable.

Posh web things may start exploding around here. Dan has been testdriving PHP Nuke for a while now, the results of which can be seen at Norcliffe.com. There are newer and apparently more sophisticated equivalents available, Post Nuke quite possibly being the one I'll adopt to include much of the current Poe Station.

Dan's also been playing with an ASP-based image generator that automatically indexes and thumbnails directories on the fly. If it holds up on the server in the kitchen, watch out for it on one or both of our webspaces RSN.

On a slightly further down the line front, I'll get some e-commerce set up for myself before long, probably after I move to Phoenix in May. My web company, Telco Web, is using Actinic which does the job very well indeed and I'm expecting to become very impressed with Protx as a Payment Service Provider. When I have the money in the bank and my location firmly settled, I think Dawtrina will go e-commerce selling some of my photography and whatever else I can dream of adding to the stocklist.

On the Telco front, we've put a few sites live lately, though I've mostly only been involved on an advisory or organisational basis. I have done a bunch of work with Smithland, the official Guy N Smith web site. Our senior web designer, Jacquie Sloane, has set up Actinic and will integrate it with Protx within the next month or so. I've integrated the current issue of Graveyard Rendezvous in entirety and will be adding a bunch of synopses soon, of all those many novels suggested but never written.

I'm also testing the waters for a cool little domain transfer job. My fair twinlet's brother is looking to set up a site for his business which I'd be happy to create for him. The question, as always, is how much it will cost. Well, rather than buy a new hosting package, it seems that I'll be able to point any new domain purchase at a subdirectory of my current webspace. This is exactly what I couldn't do a couple of years ago but now it seems like a reality, and a cheap one at that.

The theory is this: I buy a new domain at Easyspace or wherever, then pay an extra fiver to configure the name servers. Once that's done I can login to my admin console at Cheapnet and bring the domain in at no extra cost.

I'm testing this with wickedwinks.com, a domain I've bought for the Wicked one. I'm just waiting for the replication to complete and hopefully Chaos Central can move to a domain of its own.

All of which is in my spare time, as I'm working eleven hours a day project managing a major rollout. It's going to be a major challenge to bring the project in on schedule but I'm enjoying the responsibility and will give it the best shot I've got. Impossible Tasks R Us.

It's all good fun though. And hey, the future's so bright...

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