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Play Hardball!

Tuesday, 18th February, 2003

I did mention this hardball stuff I've been forced to play lately. And I'm still a nice guy. Doth I protest too much? Well results have backed me up entirely so I'm happy. I also didn't expect to be as happy as this, so that makes me happy too. Happy, happy.

For those of you with short attention spans, I'm working eleven hour days with major responsibilities but no real pay. I've also worked over two full weeks in overtime this year already.

News as of last Thursday morning was bad. The budget was spent. No money. No pay increase. No back pay. Thanks anyway.

I stuck to my guns. Thursday afternoon brought promises of a pay rise but nothing else.

Friday we sat and did nowt. Almost. Not enough to count anyway.

Come Monday the news had turned good. The pay increase had been authorised, to slightly more than I had asked for. However still no back pay.

Tuesday brought even better news. Half my overtime hours will be paid for, at the new rate; which roughly equates to all the hours at the old rate, so I'm accepting on the grounds that I have been the reasonable one all the way through. I don't want to suddenly find that I've become unreasonable.

My debts, as decreased as they have become over the last year and a half, will essentially be finally wiped out Real Soon Now. Like another few weeks.

Life is good, folks. Tip a glass to your favourite goddess and say cheers. Cheers!

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