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Life at the Speed of Blur

Tuesday, 4th March, 2003

Good grief! Has it been that long already?

The world changes at such a rate of knots that it seems like I'm moving in slo-mo, yet I'm still moving fast enough to lose months in the blur of activity.

So, what's new?

The quick synopsis would be: work, work, work.

The slightly more detailed summary would include a few other choice items here and there.

I'm still working eleven hour plus days, and that's mostly multitasking all the way down the line. It's exhausting stuff but very satisfying. When I get home I do whatever minor alterations need doing to Telco work. I have no time to do major stuff now so Jacquie is doing the work, now ably assisted by a new recruit, Babz Bell, who has come to us from the glamorous world of rock photography. Lucky devil.

I've also added a whole slew of pics to Poe's Photo Album including my sister's wedding, the Blackpool Tattoo Convention, a day trip to Whitby and all those pics of the London Eye. With the Manchester Tattoo Convention this coming weekend, more soon here.

I'm back studying for MCP certification. I wanted a few more of these passed by the end of last year but finance didn't allow. Now it will, so I'm starting to get the facts stuck back in my brain. I have the daily experience of the software but there are other facts to juggle too. More soon for sure.

I did get to see a movie on Saturday, which was the first in quite some time: Luc Besson's Subway, in the French language and starring Christophe Lambert and Isabelle Adjani. Quirky, unique and consistently interesting, it's not Besson's best but it's well worth a viewing. The settings, almost entirely underground in the Paris Metro are stunning, and the performances are very good indeed. Jean Reno looks like a cross between Steve Wright in the Afternoon and Weird Al Yankovic. Very memorable.

Dan is a huge fan of French cinema. I tend to prefer Cantonese but I'm never going to argue against Luc Besson. In Phoenix at Christmas I saw Jean Reno in Leon: The Professional, which was stunning. I haven't seen him fail yet and he more than held his own against noted scene stealer Gary Oldman. A day or so later I saw The City of Lost Children, starring Ron Perlman who I didn't even know could speak French. High weirdness but beautiful.

Yesterday I slept much of the day and lazed much of the rest away lost in online comics. I've now finished reading Okashina Okashi all the way from the beginning. This is the only way to follow any of this take on the strangeness of anime as otherwise it would make less than no sense whatsoever. After two years of comic in one day I really don't want to slow down to three strips a week. I also read through Drew Weing's The Journal Comic, an online diary of sorts in strip form but very funny indeed, especially as it's so accurate. Now I'm a couple of parts into Saturnalia, a serious sf comic. I can highly recommend all of these.

Maybe yesterday was a product of my diet, which of late has reflected some of Drew Weing's strip. Yesterday, for instance, I got by on six rum and raisin choc ices and a bowl of clam chowder. Today I'm living it up: a brie salad baguette at work and a duck a l'orange at home followed up by a hobnobs pudding of some sort. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Two days running without pizza is pretty rare.

And I'm heading for the land of Nod. Sleep tight, y'all.

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