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The Poe Station Blog

I write a lot and I rant plenty too. It seemed logical for me to start a blog.

So I joined The Open Diary and started writing. The problem was that I ended up far more interested when writing comments on other people's diaries than when writing new entries of my own. Eventually my diary timed out and got automatically deleted. When I started a new one and that got automatically deleted too, I gave up the ghost. My relic of that era is a Million Word March piece called This Aphorism Affliction.

At some point I tried again with the Captain's Blog, this time in HTML on my site. I did a good job of writing something every day but I petered out after a couple of months.

The Poe Station Blog was my fourth attempt to stick at it, and that didn't last either. The Early entries are basic diary stuff but at least I ended up writing more substantial material about music.


8 Feb 2003 - First Impressions
9 Feb 2003 - Second Impressions
9 Feb 2003 - Gotta Wear Shades
15 Feb 2003 - Tweaks and More Tweaks
17 Feb 2003 - Image Works
18 Feb 2003 - Play Hardball!
4 Mar 2003 - Life at the Speed of Blur
9 Mar 2003 - Upgrade Time Again
2 Jul 2003 - Quirks
14 Jul 2003 - Zit


27 Aug 2003 - Wesley Willis RIP
28 Aug 2003 - Song Poems
29 Aug 2003 - Illuminations and Ghosts
30 Aug 2003 - Stylin' with Styles
31 Aug 2003 - A Capella Japanese
6 Sep 2003 - More Japanese Insanity
7 Sep 2003 - Legendary Creatures

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