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I've been a writer for as long as I've been a reader, in the sense of simply putting words onto paper. I wrote a novel at Quilters Infants School in Billericay which featured dinosaurs climbing out of the trenches at the side of the games field and attacking the school. I was less than seven years old and I remember filling an exercise book. I'm sure that it was truly awful and not as long as it seemed at the time, but at least I had felt the need to create something, even back then.

I've dabbled here and there ever since, but started taking writing seriously after reading an article by Jerry Pournelle on writing. I began a daily writing project I called The Million Word March that was designed to improve whatever talents I had as a writer, by following Pournelle's advice to write, write, write; to finish what I started; and to reach a million words.

While I shifted away from that focused project after a while, I never shifted away from its goal. I have no idea when my word count clocked past the million mark but it got there. I believe that my writing reached the point where I could be deemed a Writer in March 2010 while reviewing films at Apocalypse Later Reviews. I've lost count of the millions since then and count books instead (five in print, more to come).

I do often cringe when looking back at what I wrote years ago, but then that's precisely the point. We're always learning and we have to hone our craft.


Home page for Apocalypse Later Press, which publishes my books.

ALP001: Huh? An A-Z of Why Classic American Bad Movies Were Made
ALP002: Velvet Glove Cast in Iron: The Films of Tura Satana
ALP003: Charlie Chaplin Centennial: Keystone
ALP004: The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival: The Transition Years
ALP005: A Hundred in 2016

A Hundred in 2016 won the Alan Black Book of the Festival Award at Cirque du Livre 2017.

My Author Page at Amazon, where you can buy my books.

Special Projects

Home page for Special Projects, which have ended up as books or are likely to do so.

Doc Savage Runthrough, reviewing a Doc Savage novel a month in the original pulp publication order.

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Home page for Apocalypse Later Reviews.

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Home page for my reviews for The Nameless Zine.


Apocalypse Later Now!

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The Million Word March

Home page for The Million Word March, my daily writing experiment in 2001.

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This Aphorism Affliction

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Grand Subtleties and Evil Gods

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Norman F Astell and the Raiding Support Regiment
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