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Doc Savage Runthrough


Since I discovered that Doc Con existed and had an amazing time there in 2015, filling in most of the gaps on my bookshelf in the process, I felt driven to revisit the Doc Savage novels. I adored them when I was younger but hadn't read them in years and, however many I had read, I certainly hadn't read all, perhaps even most, of them.

As I've been reviewing books for The Nameless Zine over the last couple of years and they post monthly, the same frequency as Doc Savage Magazine published, this project leapt at me fully formed.

Put simply, I'd re-read them in the order of their original publication in that pulp magazine, one per month, so that I could see how they progressed over time, and review them at the Nameless Zine from that perspective. This is an active project and I'm still writing these for the Nameless Zine and then consolidating them here.

To read the reviews here, just click on the pulp covers below or the titles below them. These reviews also interlink if you want to read through them in order.



  1. The Man of Bronze
  2. The Land of Terror
  3. Quest of the Spider
  4. The Polar Treasure
  5. Pirate of the Pacific
  6. The Red Skull
  7. The Lost Oasis
  8. The Sargasso Ogre
  9. The Czar of Fear
  10. The Phantom City
  11. Brand of the Werewolf
  12. The Man Who Shook the Earth
  13. Meteor Menace
  14. The Monsters
  15. The Mystery on the Snow
  16. The King Maker
  17. The Thousand-Headed Man
  18. The Squeaking Goblin
  19. Fear Cay
  20. Death in Silver
  21. The Sea Magician
  22. The Annihilist

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