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Welcome to Scribbles, the home of my fictional writing, all of which currently dates back to the 1990s or earlier.

As an avid reader, I always wanted to be a writer of fiction, but it never quite gelled the way I wanted it to and I moved on to other things. Now that I've found success as a writer of non-fiction, something I never expected to be, I hope to find time to try my hand at fiction again.


Of all my early writing, I'm happiest with some of my poetry, where I got to play with words and other linguistic devices. This is the section to which I'm most likely to send people today.

In the Footsteps of Lewis Carroll
Seat 35 on the 18.02
Lovely Creature
Fanciful Flight
For Michael Higgins
What I Did at School
Death by Vegetation

Love Poems

Every poet ends up writing love poems because life happens. As Castle said in a TV episode, you know you're in love when 'all the songs start to make sense'. If you're a poet, that's when you start writing them too.

My Day
Rocking Chair
Send Me Up or Send Me Down
When You Find
Do You Know?
Time Enough?
Sailing the Dreamsea to Michigan
Seven Days
Tears to Cry

Dawtrina Stories

I created the character of Dawtrina for a story I gave to a special lady as a birthday present. Each further Dawtrina story was also posted on her birthday. For details, see Dawtrina? Why Dawtrina?

Happy Birthday
Why Some Dragons Can't Fly
A Long Way from Home
A Matter of Perspective
Other Perspectives
A Ghost Story

Short Stories

While my poetry tends towards mundane matters, my short stories are mostly dark in nature, especially Mexican Standoff and The Lightning Chaser. The inevitable exception is Lemonade, which spun out of an anonymous e-mail forward.

Nothing of Consequence
The Lightning Chaser
Mexican Standoff
The Sound of Shattering Glass
A Soul on Fire

Cosmo's Conundrum Poems and Peoms

The closest community I've ever found grew up around an online trivia game at Uproar called Cosmo's Conundrum (and, later, Trivia Free for All). These poems and peoms (ie fun poems with no literary value whatsoever) tie to that game and its community. Black Monday may be the most complex thing I've written.

Black Monday: A Ballad of the Chimp
Remember, Remember
For Dreamy
50 Ways to Lose at Cosmo

NPB Peoms

NPB (or Northern Punch Bureau) was a data processing firm at which I worked for a number of years after leaving school. These peoms were mostly written as birthday presents for work colleagues, so are full of in jokes that nobody else is likely to get.

The Ballad of the NPB Pay Rise
A Day in the Life of Andrena
Target Weight: Nine Stone Ten
Lines Written on Seeing Pat's Arm
This is Your Life: Christine Green
Target Weight Revisited
For Christine Maughan
For Jill Smart
For Simon Davies
For Halyna Cumiskey
My Brief Limerick Phase
For Emma
For Andy Chatfield
Another Andrena Off for Months Peom

Commissioned Peoms

As with the NPB peoms above, many of these were commissioned for birthdays or other events for the princely sum of a pint or a pound to help keep my electricity meter running. The in joke note still applies.

For Elaine
For Emma Byrne
For Nick Cooper
For Phil
For Ridley
For John Moulding
For Gordon Moulding

Other Peoms

This would fit in the NPB Peoms section had it been written there, but it was written for an online friend so it gets its own section. So there.

Shame On Ye

Really Old and Awful Short Stories

Separated out from the other short stories, because they're really old and awful entries in the million word march to becoming a writer, I do still own up to these because there's at least something in them worth saving.

Spawn of the Green Abyss
A Day in the Job of...
Mind Games

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