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NPB Peoms

A Day in the Life of Andrena

Written because Andrena told me not to. Oops!


It's been a bad day at the office, with tempers getting frayed.
None of the work's been done on time, it's temporarily delayed.
Andrena's keyed it three times, but it's gone missing yet again.
He's gone absolutely livid, running round like a headless hen.

She must be doing something wrong, and she's done it before too.
She'd better buck her ideas up, or he'll find somebody new.
She'll have to stop behind, while he goes on holiday
And don't expect anything extra - there's no overtime pay.

Well, she gets three days off (he doesn't want a punch in the head),
So she comes to NPB to earn something there instead.
She kicks the wall and says that he's a ******* ****
And everyone can hear her, in the back or in the front.

The evening staff all understand, cause they've been **** on too:
They get it all at NPB - they know what she's going through.
So they watch the free entertainment, secure in the knowledge that when
She goes back next week to Bradford, it'll start all over again.

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