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NPB Peoms

Another Andrena Off for Months Peom

This'll probably leave me the victim of a particularly assertive crime
But six weeks off Andrena, doesn't excuse you from a rhyme.
We thought you were about to give us a ring and say your arm is aching
And there's no point making it any worse and you're definitely not faking.

Ten weeks you've been sat at home, emptying the cupboards of beer
But while you've been dolling off, this is what's been going on here.
Well, we've been a fortnight without Mars bars 'cause you've not been here to send
And that guy down at Blockbusters is pining for his friend.

Eileen's missed her confidante, she's had to turn about
And chatter to Denise, well at least till the overtime ran out.
We've even had a new girl started, that's Janet over there
And Janet, this is Andrena - she's the one who doesn't swear!

You've missed our wonderful brand new job - the MB003
But only another three weeks to wait and they'll be back in for you to key.
There's about 300 X's so I'm trying to keep it neat
But I'm sure somebody's playing Battleships on your attendance sheet.

So while you've been stuffing sweets and drinking crates of beer
I think you can see now just what fun we've been having here.
I should have given you a card last week - it's my fault, I'm to blame
But after you've had all these months off, I'm still trying to remember your name!

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