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NPB Peoms

For Christine Maughan

How to cope with writer's block when the deadline is imminent!


Time for another rhyme from one of your favourite bards,
But there are too many people and too many cards.
I can only send my best wishes in so many ways
And I've run out of interesting things I can say.

But I'll persevere and try another line -
Maybe that elusive light bulb will shine
And an idea will find its way into my head -
Either that or I'll fill this card up instead.

Now it's deteriorating - from bad to worse,
Because this marks the beginning of the third verse.
Twelve lines worth of nothing to say -
Any more of this and I'll be starting to pray.

All this pressure's sending me right round the twist;
I won't be in this evening - I'll be slitting my wrist.
I've been biting my fingernails down to the quick,
All trying to get an idea to stick.

It's the fifth verse now and nothing's come clear,
I'd better pop down the pub and get me some beer.
Yes! The liquid refreshment is clearing the haze -
In comes the first good concept for days.

Better put it down on paper before I fill up this page;
I'll play safe and that means mentioning your age.
It must be sixty five years since you were born,
So I'll wish a happy birthday to Christine Maughan.

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