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Commissioned Peoms

For John Moulding

Roll up! Roll up! Here's news to post around town:
The legendary John Moulding is about to settle down.
And not with a Guinness as you probably guessed
But with a lovely young lady in a wedding dress!

He's known to one and all as the Post with the Most
And we ought to raise our glasses to give him a toast
Because while dogs see postmen as nothing but prey,
When John flexes his muscles even pitbulls run away!

Now if he'd scared off Claire, he'd have been a real loonie
But I'm sure she's seen scarier things at Liverpool Uni!
And anyone who can survive daily in a primary school
Can cope with anything at all without losing her cool.

And talking of cool, as a matter of fact
John's almost horizontal, he's so laid back!
He even made it through his stag night in York
And hopefully recovered enough to be able to talk!

Now, six years together has brought them to this
So for all of us here, give her a big kiss!
And Claire, I know you're not being a teacher tonight
But make him do it over until he gets it right!

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