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Commissioned Peoms

For Phil

Yet more free Guinness. Or was this one a quid? I can't remember!


Ladies, ladies, watch out ladies,
Six feet of sex appeal heading your way.
Ladies, ladies, he's after the ladies,
The sun's gone down and Phil's out to play.

No use in hiding, no use in running,
He'll be back on your trail with fox-like cunning.
Quick as lightning, he's the first off the blocks
And he keeps his cat in the shower so he's always got clean Sox!

He's always in demand, so you'll have to wait in line.
Then you'll be off somewhere romantic for some good food and wine.
A little bit later, and it's new territory you'll be charting
'Cause there aren't too many men who'd prefer to go carting!

Just back from Motown, it's good to be back with the lads
In a country that plays rugby without all those pads.
But he's so in demand he'll soon be off again
Looking for that perfect woman and get engaged yet again.

But time's running out, the clock's winding down
'Cause that ominous birthday has finally come round.
He might be getting old now but he stills looks good as new
So it's happy fortieth birthday, Phil, and the drinks are all on you!

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