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Commissioned Peoms

For Ridley

Still another commissioned poem from Christine, bringing my total earned to ten pints of Guinness!


Suave and sophisticated, sixty years young;
Welcome to the night when your praises are sung.
Here's a short poem to make you feel right -
After all, we've kept you from the bingo so far tonight!

Small of stature with hair that's jet black,
To the admiring ladies you're a sheer heart attack.
Italian looks so charming they should be carved in stone -
Are you sure you're not the Godfather, Don Corleone?

If I could bottle your charm, I'm sure it would sell
And at a mere sixty years, you're a great-granddad as well!
Husbandly duties you obviously didn't shirk
But even for a Geordie that's pretty quick work!

All around the country the whispers you can hear
Are about some party in South Shields, Tyne & Wear.
They'll soon be queuing up, just hoping for the chance
To get you out on the floor in a slow romantic dance.

'Happy Birthday' from Christine, and many more too,
Just stop looking younger than me, or I'll be forced to sue.
And before I run out of verses and you have to walk round and mix
Don't forget - your second sixtieth, here, in 2056!

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