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Fanciful Flight

The winged horse flies by, like a proud bird in flight
He glides down to the ground and bows before us.
We climb upon his back and he spreads his wings;
We take flight...

No joy, no wonder could compare
With the day we flew away
On the winged horse through the air...

He greets us aboard with a neigh and a whinny
And flashes like lightning off into the sky.
We rocket and race and glide with pure grace
And think how wonderful to be able to fly.

But his playful antics start to trigger alarm
As he rolls with the clouds and dances with birds;
And we feel ever lighter and grip ever tighter
And try to shout out but the air steals our words.

The clouds and the sky turn ominously black
And the threat of the storm steals the beauty from night,
And with the first rumble, kick! Freefall and tumble!
We flip head over heels in a terrible flight.

Like stones through wet paper we rush through the dark
And pray that salvation will end our bleak fright,
And the horse hears our prayer for he's suddenly there!
And on horseback once more, we search for the light.

We'd almost reached ocean on our frightful descent,
To scare all the young fishes who laze in the sea,
Whose mothers will sigh and believe that they lie...
But wink! We know better - my twin and me...

I wrote this with Denise Flanders, who is now my better half, Dee Astell. She composed the first two stanzas and I wrote the rest in response.

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