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For Michael Higgins

Are you sure that you'll sleep tonight, Michael?
Take heed for your conscience's sake
For the town that you leave when you slumber
Won't be quite the same when you wake.

It's well that the Halifax heart's made of grit
To withstand the pounding you've wrought.
Still, it'll be a little bit sadder, a little bit dead
Is that really the outcome you sought?

For our fortune lies in the hands of our children,
They'll replace you and me when we're gone.
Creativity and fitness we should always encourage
Yet you'd deprive them of exercise and song.

Are you sure you'll sleep tonight, Michael,
Ringing the Industrial Museum's death knell?
After murdering our future, are you destroying our past
Or is it just something else you can sell?

Wellesley's grounds are steeped in honour.
How many Dukes left there for their fate?
Yet your choice for keeping alive their brave deeds
Is yet another Legoland estate.

Are you sure you'll sleep tonight, Michael?
Over generations your name will travel down.
Are you sure you'll ever sleep again, Michael,
Lord High Executioner of Halifax Town?


Michael Higgins was Calderdale Council's Chair of Education for some years, from which chair he presided over a number of catastrophes of local interest. This was written in response to yet another round of potential cuts.

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