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Cosmo's Conundrum Poems

Remember, Remember

Remember, remember the sixth of September,
The day I found me a chimp to dismember:
To slice, to dice, to stick in a vice
And torture and torture... oh life still has spice!

Just into the witching hour and the UK was slow
And most of the players had all had to go;
It left just the two of us, Nivek and me
To duel away in our own company
But who won the duel? Nobody could know
For no-one could get past the login to see!

Well for a half hour or so we frantically fought;
With two players only, it was glory or naught.
I'd win the first, then she'd win the second
Least it'd be one of us - or so we reckoned -
But we were suddenly joined by a third Cosmonaut
And the irony of Cosmo suddenly beckoned!

The first player to get to the room in a while;
Three thousand year old Takaheb, Queen of the Nile
Egyptian Princess, reborn again she
To challenge the likes of Nivek and me;
And we knew in an instant as we saw the chimp smile
Just who would be winning the money at three!

Prize passes kept mounting, we won more and more
Reaching three hundred each as we got to the draw.
The tension mounted - who would it be?
Yes, it was Tak who threw her hands up in glee
In stitches we were as we rolled on the floor
At least it did go to one of us three!

Well three hundred prize passes, all down the drain!
So we went at it harder, focused our brains...
Then Nivek got kicked and Tak had to go
But Mea got in, so we still had a show
But two hours to wait - for all our pains -
For who would win money? We just had to know!

In another window I played on the US site,
Relaxed in the hollow and watched with delight
As the UK players, so flustered they got,
The legendary Aspie, and Kathy and Scot.
To login to the UK they tried into the night
But would the chimp let them in? Certainly not!

Well the tension was high as five o'clock neared;
Both falling asleep, only our subconscious peered
At the time left to go. Only two of us here!
But I know the chimp well so I made ready a tear
And yes folks, the draw went just as I feared
The passes meant nothing - the money went to Mea!

Well we split our sides at the chimp's black gall
Saying six hundred prize passes means nothing at all!
But at least no-one got in with a minute to go
And with a single prize pass won the whole show!
Ah, but I had one more trick left to call!
If I could outsmart the chimp I just had to know!

Mea left, so I was the only one remaining to play.
I answered one question, one pass came my way
Then I exited the game and headed for bed
With the knowledge of sure victory firm in my head,
For I have the only pass won - I must win, OK?
And if I don't - well the monkey is definitely dead!

And guess what - I didn't win!

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