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Death by Vegetation

Iran where
religion: its EVIL
(face) fanaticism
shows -

you step outside your time line
you visit the thirteenth century
(dark regression)
you bring it home
you enter
a neo-dark neo-age
with the emphasis on dark

opposition (whispered)
an eye for an eye
the truth...
...for the truth?
terrorism in masquerade as religion
dictators living
above their dictated law

you concede
you conform
you vegetate

conformity breeds
intuition - (lacked) - intuition
breeds conformity

the endless vicious circle with
four sides - the
dictators the
blessed the
poor the


If I recall correctly, this wasn't written as an English language assignment but surely grew out of one. I was at Huddersfield New College at the time studying under one great teacher whose name I wish I could remember and one not so great teacher who became the only one from whom I ever skipped class. While I was mostly concentrating on copying as many albums as I could from everyone I could, I was also having fun playing with language and this was an attempt at experimental poetry to match what a friend was doing at the time.

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