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Love Poems


Sometimes they don't mean much...
Just three little words,
Really, not much...

But when I say them to you
You're all that I see
And nothing else matters,
Just you. And me...

If I see places, it's to see you there,
A smile on your face, my hand in your hair;

If I hear, it's your voice, your silence,
The echoes of words that we've shared before,
The abiding hope that we'll share them once more,
And always your heart;

If I taste, it's the air that you've just passed through,
Leaving a trace of the essence of you;

Your scent,
Heaven sent;

And if I touch...

It's to cradle your soul, your being, your heart,
Beyond the senses to a oneness, that no words can say
And I pray for the day we'll be no longer apart,
From ocean-width to just a heartbeat away,
And face to face you'll hear me say

Those three little words,
The only three words.
And know that you know
That they carry my soul.

I love you, Tina.

I love you.
For ever.
And a day.

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