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Covered in Blood

When I was young, frantically trying to devour as many horror novels as I possibly could, I discovered many ways to find them, in quantity and at perfectly acceptable prices. The place was the north of England and the time was the early eighties. Horror novels were thriving at that point in time and there was a proliferation of charity shops and market stalls that sold the work of the previous decade for pennies. Dedicated mail order dealers filled in a lot of gaps.

Now, however, these seventies and eighties paperbacks are becoming much harder to find. It's very possible that people starting out in the genre today would find these as hard to pick up as the forties and fifties paperbacks were to me. So, to give you at least a tease of what there was to offer in the heyday of the pulp horror paperback, here are their covers, in high quality because most of these aren't online elsewhere.

Exploring All Paperbacks

I'll fill in more detailed pages like the below later. Right now, I plan to scan at least half a dozen horror and horror adjacent paperbacks a day, in alphabetical order of author and in 300 dpi, and they'll appear here.

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Exploring by Publisher

Certain publishers were well known for their horror lines and became highly collectible for their recognisable focus. The seventies were probably the domain of New English Library while in the eighties Hamlyn were the name to watch for their nasties. There were many others. If you want to explore by publisher, here's where to start.


Exploring by Author

Beyond the major names like Stephen King and James Herbert, there were (and are) a number of highly prolific authors in the horror genre, and after all who could be more collectible than authors who wrote a lot of books? People like Guy N. Smith, Shaun Hutson and Richard Laymon, who all had many titles to their names, built up large fan bases. Other authors became notorious for individual titles, such as the unknown name behind the pseudonym Pierce Nace. If you want to explore by author, here's where you should begin.

Michael Falconer Anderson
Gary Brandner
Glenn Chandler
Guy N. Smith

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