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The Last Page Bookshop

The Last Page Bookshop is a fictional invention of mine. It's a store in a children's fantasy novel that stocks only the last pages of books, catering entirely to those people unlucky enough to have bought books with the end missing.

It seems like an appropriate name to give to this section of my site that deals with literature. Here are bibliographies, articles and reviews, mostly of genre material that is not currently well represented on the net. Hopefully I can be your last page.

Guy N Smith

Smithland, the most complete Guy N Smith bibliography on the web.

"The Horror! The Horror!"

Index page to The Horror Reviews, book reviews I wrote when I was very young.
Horror Pseudonyms: the writers behind the tackiest titles.
Covered in Blood, horror bibliographies with covers from the 1970s and 1980s.


John Slater and the Nazi Romance Novel
Mexican Comic Digests


Laurence James, editor, writer and genre-hopper
Basil Copper, detective novels and the outre
Mews Paperbacks, the series arm of New English Library
Ray Slattery, the man behind John Slater
Jim Kent, the other Nazi romance writer

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