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Mexican Comic Digests


Here's a vein of exploitation art that doesn't seem to be well represented on the net: Mexican comic digests! Yes, I'm sure these are as bad as they sound, but as I don't read Spanish very well at all yet I honestly don't know. Some are obviously intended to be nothing more than exploitation, while some seem to be comic adaptations of classic literature.

What I do know is that the covers are awesome. Just take a quick glance through series like La Novela Policiaca or Frontera Violenta. I only have a few issues of any of these series but they still include such choice items as a leather clad biker babe riding past a dogfight and a lady wearing a skimpy leopardskin bikini top and a G-string cupped with a skull. And needless to say all these covers feature young ladies with breast sizes that would impress Russ Meyer. How can we go wrong?

I picked up most of these at library sales in Phoenix where they naturally went for a song, but I've augmented them with odd cover scans I've pinched from eBay sales.


Amores y Amantes
Frontera Violenta
Hombres y Héroes
Joyas de la Literatura
El Libro Policiaco
El Libro Vaquero
La Novela Policiaca

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